Two thirds of UK population clueless about learning disabilities

A new survey has highlighted how despite 1.5 million people in the UK having a learning disability, two thirds of British people don’t know what a learning disability is.

The ‘Talk To Me’ campaign, produced as part of Mencap’s 75th anniversary,  highlights the misunderstanding people with a learning disability face from the wider public, and the negative impact this can have on the whole of society.

As well as a lack of understanding, over six in 10 adults (64%) have witnessed someone be rude to or about a person with a learning disability.

The survey shows that representation matters, with two in five people in the UK (42%) having not seen someone with a learning disability in the media in the past year.

Mencap has developed a set of tools and online resources to help with people’s lack of understanding of learning disability, including a pledge to stand up for the rights of people with a learning disability. You can find Mencap’s pledge here and the online resources here.