Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Newsletter

Here’s the November newsletter from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Firstly, we are delighted to tell you that Hearing Dogs has been chosen as a finalist to become Pets at Home’s charity for their Summer Fundraising Appeal next year.

If enough Pets at Home colleagues kindly vote for us, the retailer will be fundraising for Hearing Dogs in stores all across the UK for four weeks in July 2022, which could raise lots of money to help us train more amazing hearing dogs and change the lives of more deaf people.

If you, or anyone you know, work at Pets at Home, please consider voting for us. Or if you shop at Pets at Home, please feel free to mention to the store team on your next visit that you are a supporter of Hearing Dogs. You might just swing the vote in our direction! Thank you.

In this edition of your newsletter, as well as getting an exclusive look at what our adorable pups have been learning in their training, you will meet Star – a sweet cockapoo pup who has just started her journey to becoming a life-changing hearing dog.

You will also meet 16-year-old Ryan and his hearing dog Harris. Harris makes life so much easier for Ryan, by alerting him to sounds and providing lots of comfort – helping to reduce his anxiety. Dogs like Harris are only able to be trained thanks to your kind support so, as ever, a huge thank you.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

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