Staying Warm With Citizens’ Advice Calderdale

‘Want a warmer, cosier home?

Want to waste less money on energy bills?

With high energy prices (soon to get higher) and the imminent possible reduction of Universal Credit, many people are being forced to choose between paying their rent, buying food and keeping warm.

But it’s not just about being comfortable, prolonged cold can aggravate existing serious health conditions such as heart attacks, and strokes and lung conditions, such as COPD and asthma. It can also have a significant impact on mental health and is a known risk factor for suicide.

How can Citizens Advice Calderdale help?

  1. They can run fun energy sessions with local groups, sharing hints and tips on how to reduce waste and save money.

Contact for more information.

  1. They can also give individual help for more complex situations or for those who need extra support.

Call them on 0808 278 7879 to arrange a telephone appointment with their energy advisor.

Or email through their website’