New Alerts Transceiver For People With Hearing Impairment

The NEW Bellman Visit Mobile Phone Transceiver is a piece of new technology for deaf and hard of hearing people, allowing, for the very first time, Bellman Visit alerts to be received on a mobile phone, tablet and smart watch – alongside existing Visit receivers.

Using the free iOS or Android app and the relevant Visit transmitters, users can receive additional personalised information for their home, such as whether they are being alerted to their front or back door, their doorbell or their intercom, which child is awake, which door has opened, which smoke alarm has a low battery, which smoke alarm has activated.

As a transceiver (transmitter and receiver) it will also trigger their Bellman receiver to let them know when someone is calling them on their mobile phone or has texted them, or their landline phone is ringing.

Bellman say “We have exploited the new features of the very latest Bluetooth technology to provide positive, tangible benefits for deaf and hard of hearing users, helping to keep them safer and more secure in their homes, and better connected than ever before.”

The BE1433 Bellman Visit Transceiver costs £117.50 ex vat with FREE app