Let’s Talk Accessibility on Buses

Bus Users and Disability Rights UK are to host a series of online events, Let’s Talk Accessibility. The aim is to help local transport authorities (LTAs) and operators understand the challenges and barriers Disabled people face when travelling by bus. The events will take place on 20, 21 and 22 September, and will ensure the transport needs of Disabled people are considered by operators and LTAs when developing their Bus Service Improvement Plans. The plans are a requirement of the Government’s National Bus Strategy which has promised £3billion of funding to improve bus services. Each event will look at the experiences of people with disabilities, the costs and benefits of improving accessibility, and how these issues can be addressed through Bus Service Improvement Plans.

  • Session 1 Monday 20 September – 11am to 12pm will focus on local transport authorities, local and central government representatives
  • Session 2 Tuesday 21 September – 3pm to 4pm will focus on passengers, charities and carers
  • Session 3 Wednesday 22 September – 3pm to 4pm will focus on operators.
To find out more and to book your space email events@bususers.org