Assessing the Government’s Disability Strategy

Disability Rights UK has been undertaking deep analysis of the National Disability Strategy, released after Parliament had broken up for Recess.

Fazilet Hadi, Head of Policy, has written a blog, assessing the different areas addressed, and some glaring, concerning omissions. She says:

“What hits you about the Strategy is what it doesn’t include: it doesn’t address the shockingly low level of benefits that millions of Disabled people are forced to live on; it doesn’t strengthen equality legislation or make enforcement easier; it doesn’t state that all new build homes will be accessible; it doesn’t set an end date for train stations being accessible; it doesn’t tackle the inadequacy of social care or reduce charging; it doesn’t improve the education received by Disabled learners; and it proposes no bold measures to tackle the disability employment gap.”

Read her blog in full here.