Report: Health inequalities and the impact of Covid-19

Local Government Association Report: A perfect storm: health inequalities and the impact of Covid-19

This report warns that Covid-19 has created a ‘perfect storm’ of existing inequality and disease, leading to higher rates of coronavirus infections and death among the most disadvantaged people. It says it is vital to act now and drive forward work programmes that reduce inequalities, prevent poor health and improve people’s opportunities to live healthier, more active lives. Examples from local authorities are included, ranging from providing mental health services for tackling loneliness and isolation, to accessing essential items such as food, medicine and financial support.

The report also includes a section – Learning disability – The impact of COVID-19 – which looks at how, for people with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), the last year saw a traumatic loss of routine, activities and contact with family and carers that was hard to understand and to cope with. In addition, the increased risk of dying from the disease Was significant for people with IDD, compared to the general population.

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