Macular Society Newsletter

Welcome to your August e-newsletter. Even if the weather isn’t quite up to scratch, we hope you are enjoying being able to spend precious time with loved ones once more.

After what we have all experienced over the last 18 months, it is more crucial than ever to highlight the importance of our mental wellbeing. Feelings of uncertainty and fear have dominated our minds in recent times and now our normal lives are starting to resume, it will take time to adjust. Suzanne, one of our specialist counsellors, shares her top tips for how we can all cope with ongoing uncertainty – read on to find out more.

“Counselling can’t bring back your eyesight, but it can help make life more enjoyable”

How do you manage your wellbeing when you are living with macular disease? Suzanne from our counselling team has shared her tips on looking after your mind, especially at a time of uncertainty. Read More.

New guidance sets minimum standards of care for AMD patients

New guidance has been issued for age-related macular degeneration services across the UK, to set minimum standards and ensure all patients receive the same level of care. Join this month’s Virtual Clinic for more details on what this guidance could mean for you. Read More

Wife campaigns for positive change in memory of late husband

Pegi is the widow of Paul Shove, who was a valued member of the Macular Society. Paul had dry age-related macular degeneration, and Pegi is campaigning for better support for visually impaired patients in hospital, following his experiences. read more

Marci offers hope and humour in podcast series

After living with macular disease for the past 12 years and finding new ways to cope with everyday life, Marci was inspired to record a podcast series to document her experiences and help others affected. Read More

Ophthalmology experts unite to discuss possible treatments for dry AMD

A global summit will see ophthalmology experts from across the world share insights into the challenges and successes faced in the race to find a treatment for dry AMD. Read More