Government’s National Disability Strategy Published

During the last week in July 2021, the Government published its landmark National Disability Strategy.

Here’s what they had to say about it at the launch:

The strategy aims to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK, tackling the barriers that prevent many disabled people from fully benefiting from, and contributing to, every aspect of our society.

Bringing together departments and agencies across Government, the National Disability Strategy is focused on the priorities that disabled people have highlighted through one of the largest listening exercises of its kind. It includes a wide-ranging set of practical actions to improve the everyday lives of disabled people.

Its focus ranges across public services, housing, transport, education, leisure, shopping, employment, and rights and perceptions.

The Strategy is also available in alternative formats.

Supporting Documents


The National Disability Strategy sets out the government’s vision to improve the everyday lives of disabled people. We want to ensure that disability is not a barrier to people living full, independent lives where they can reach their full potential.

The strategy has been developed with the input of more than 14,000 disabled people, as well as disability organisations, businesses, policy experts and many others.

In this publication, departments and agencies in every corner of government set out how they will help bring about practical and lasting change to disabled people’s lives.

Part 1 sets out immediate commitments we will make to improve every part of a disabled person’s day.

Part 2 sets out changes to how we will work with and for disabled people into the future, putting disabled people at the heart of government policy-making and service delivery.

Part 3 summarises the actions each government department will take, with ministerial champions setting out their personal commitment to the strategy.

If you would like a Braille or audio version of the National Disability Strategy, or an accessible format that is not listed in the Documents section, email or phone 0800 1 95 95 96.

Published 28 July 2021