Cut the Clutter Campaign To Clear Pavements

The walking charity, Living Streets, is running a “Cut the Clutter” campaign, calling for local authorities to prioritise clearing footways and pavements through measures including (but not limited to):

1. Banning all A-board advertising on the pavement

2. Putting in place plans and budget to remove excess or unused street furniture (eg signs and poles, guard rail and utility boxes or phone boxes)

3. Providing guidance to businesses using pavement space for outdoor entertainment that they must maintain a 1.5m pavement width

4. Ensuring maintenance of trees and hedges that encroach on pavements

5. Making a commitment that EV charging points and cycle storage will only be placed on pavements where 1.5m clearance width for pedestrians can be maintained; where there is insufficient space on the footway road space should be reallocated eg through the use of well-designed build outs.

You can find out more about their  campaign on their website, including examples of how to contact your local authority and push them to improve accessibility on pavements.