FREE Virtual Project for Disabled Adults and Children from Sense

Here are details of a new project for disabled adults and children in our area, below is more information and the contact details on how to get in touch.

The Sense Virtual Buddying project and Virtual Group Sessions is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Both projects are FREE and open to disabled individuals over the age of 5 who might benefit from this service.

The Virtual Buddy project works by matching a person with disabilities with a volunteer who shares similar communication styles, hobbies and interests, with a focus on growing a fantastic friendship and having fun together.  Once matched the Buddies will have weekly sessions together via zoom, phone, email or communication method suited to the individual’s needs, supported by the Virtual Buddy Team. Just in the past couple of weeks our buddies have been taking part in a wide range of activities online and over the phone. Things such as dance sessions, Art and Craft, soap making, baking and much more. We provide all the resources for our buddy matches to have fun together.

There is also the opportunity to meet new people at the Virtual Group events. These are fun packed activities that individuals on the Virtual Buddying project can join in with whether they have a volunteer or not. Some of our past group events include Virtual Disco’s, phone yoga, Jiggles and Giggles, Mosaic making and Sensory Storytelling.

There are so many things our buddies get out of Virtual Buddying. It’s not just about making a new friend and having fun, in fact, the benefits are endless. Virtual Buddying helps reduce isolation, improves self-esteem and confidence, helps improve communication, social and independent living skills and gives all of our buddies something to look forward to every week.

If you think that someone who uses care services in your area would benefit from having their own Virtual Buddy and/or attending Virtual Group sessions then we would like to hear from you!

 Additionally we would love it if you could share this email with your adult and children disability care team to give individuals in your area the best opportunity possible.

To refer an individual please complete a referral form by clicking HERE and someone will be in touch.

If you have any questions about the  project at all you can get in touch at