Todmorden Covid-19 Update

Calderdale council have put out an alert that the new more transmissible COVID-19 variant known as ‘Delta’ has been found in Todmorden. This is the advice they are giving their staff in the area and might be equally applicable to residents of the town.

The initial spread seems to have been linked to groups socialising in the evening.

We must work together to stop the spread. Everyone in the Todmorden area should get a PCR test regardless of whether you have symptoms or not and even if you’ve had the vaccine. Extra PCR testing will be available in Todmorden from next Tuesday to help contain this variant.

It’s more important than ever that you remember the 5 big things to help prevent the spread: limit mixing with others, wear a face mask, mix outside or let in fresh air if you are inside, isolate if required and get vaccinated when you are invited to do so.