Disability Horizons’ Newsletter

More than 50% of people happy to see Covid-19 restrictions lifted in June We asked 171 people from across the UK who have a disability or health condition or know someone who does, how they feel about the easing of all lockdown restrictions on 21st June 2021. 52% are either ‘fairly happy’ or ‘really happy’ about it, while a large percentage, 40%, are unhappy. Read our article for the full story, and watch our latest Disability Horizons TV episode where we discuss the effects of the changes on disabled people’s physical and mental health.

10 wheelchair-accessible places in the UK to visit this summer With the easing of lockdown restrictions, many of the UK’s gardens and places of interest are beginning to open up to the public again. With this in mind, now is a good time to start planning day trips or looking at UK destinations for a holiday. To get you started, Mountain Trike has compiled a list of 10 wheelchair-accessible places to visit across the UK, all of which have all-terrain Mountain Trike wheelchairs to borrow for FREE so that you can access all areas of the attractions with ease.

ME awareness month: Danni Brennand on perfecting bed life As we near the end of May and ME Awareness Month, and get ever closer to the world opening back up for most people, we’re highlighting how for many with ME/CFS, every day can seem like a lockdown. For anyone with the condition, it can be impossible to go out, which means that staying at home is a normal way of life, something that so many others take for granted. Danni Brenn and, a blogger with ME/CFS at Dannilion, shares their blog post with invaluable advice and tips on how to live comfortably and happily from your bed.

Supported employment: creating opportunities for disabled people With the right support, everyone who wishes to work can work, no matter what their disability. Charities and independent consultancy companies are working hard with employers to equip them with the right skills and understanding on how to best support disabled employees. Emma Shepherd, an employment consultant who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, talks through the supported employment model and explains how it can be used to open up new opportunities to disabled jobseekers. If you’re job hunting, don’t forget to check out our jobs board too.

Buy Covid-19 essentials on the Disability Horizons Shop

Although things are improving across the UK, we’ll still need a number of Covid-19 essentials for some time yet. Face masks are still mandatory in many places, which means you might need our mask exemption card if you can’t wear a mask. We also have face shieldslip-reading masksbreathing inserts – to help make breathing in a mask easier – and face mask tighteners or extenders to ensure your mask fits perfectly.

Plastic gloves and aprons were a staple pre-Covid for care staff, and are likely to stay as such – we have different types of gloves, including ones ideal for wearing for prolonged periods of time, and extra-thick aprons. Lastly, you might want to use our vaccinated card and lanyard to show you have been fully vaccinated, and our social distancing sign to remind others to keep their distance if you’re more at risk from Covid-19.