The latest news from Calderdale Council

The Council’s latest newsletter is out and we’ve got the main stories below:

Coronavirus – Keep Up the Good Work
As more services and activities start to reopen in line with the Government’s step-by-step roadmap out of lockdown, it’s important that we keep up the good work and continue to limit mixing with others, wear a face covering and self-isolate when necessary.

The Council has also published an update to the Local Outbreak Prevention and Management plan, to support the next phase of actions required to tackle the COVID pandemic. This will continue to be updated and developed with partners as more is learnt about the virus and its impacts in Calderdale and beyond.

To find out more about the latest Council services to reopen and how we’re supporting businesses to operate safely, visit Keep up the good work Calderdale

For more information about the Local Outbreak Prevention and Management plan, visit Updating our plan to tackle COVID-19

Staying safe and protecting our distinctive moorland
Ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend, Calderdale Council is reminding residents and landowners of the risk of wildfires on local moorlands and how they can be prevented.

Large and preventable moorland fires cause a significant strain on resources. Calderdale’s Community Safety Wardens, along with partners, are patrolling the borough’s upland area advising local communities and landowners of the dangers of fires and taking enforcement action against those who fail to comply with Public Space Protection Orders.  Additional signage is also being installed to warn of the risks and what people should do if they see any problems on the moors.

For more information about how to protect our countryside, visit Staying safe and protecting our distinctive moorland

Supporting Calderdale’s taxi drivers
Local taxi drivers, who play a valued role in keeping Calderdale moving, are set to receive further financial support to help them through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calderdale Council’s Taxi Support Scheme offers drivers that want to renew their licence a free, three-year licence, plus the cost of their DBS check. The funding will be provided from the Government’s Additional Restrictions Grant for businesses which are not eligible for the main COVID-19 grants. Find out more about the scheme and how the Council has been helping to protect taxi drivers throughout the pandemic, at Supporting Calderdale’s taxi drivers.

New technology to help monitor flood risk
Camera technology is being installed on watercourses in the Calder Valley to help monitor drainage and assess flood risk.
Five sites have all been identified as areas where there is potential flood risk if maintenance is not carried out to drainage when necessary. Each camera will transmit an hourly image, allowing the Council to remotely monitor the infrastructure and check nothing is blocking the drainage screens.
For more information, visit New technology to help monitor flood risk