Keeping well at home – checklist for better living

Keeping Well At Home is a great advice leaflet produced locally to give people advice on everyday life that will help them live healthily and with purpose – download the full leaflet here

Below is an example of the information in the leaflet, a checklist approach to everyday life.

daily goals checklist
This might include working through that list of the things you keep meaning to do but never get around to or to help you work through the information and ideas that have been shared in the booklet.

Keeping in touch
• Talk to family and friends via the phone or over the fence.
• Talk to others about how you feel or help you may need. We all need advice and reassurance and others likely feel similar to us.
• You may want to chat to a befriender or volunteer yourself.

Moving more
• Try to move more throughout your day, if possible getting out in the fresh air for a walk, or in the garden, or standing on your doorstep.
• Try building seated and standing exercises into your daily routine around your home.
• Break up long periods of inactivity with chunks of movement.

Eating and drinking
• Drink plenty of liquids including water.
• Stick to regular meal times but if your appetite is poor have healthy snacks in addition to your meals.
• Eat a balanced diet of high protein (meat, eggs and nuts) foods, dairy products, starchy foods (bread cereals, potatoes, pasta or rice) and plenty of fruit and vegetables (fresh, frozen, tinned, dried or juice).
• Eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily.

Keeping busy
• Plan your day – try to get up and go to bed at a similar time each day.
• Do activities you enjoy, such as watch a film, read a book or do some puzzles.
• Try to do new things each day or start that project you’ve been meaning to.

Feeling joy
• Find a window with a view to take in the ‘outside world’. Appreciate the nature around you.
• Listen to some music.
• Try something different, or something you have you done in the past that you have time to do again. Talk about it with friends.