Disability Horizons Launch TV/Videos

This is the latest update from the Disability Horizons disability lifestyle website.

We’ve started a new video series called Disability Horizons TV. Twice a month we’ll be publishing a new video, which we’ll also be turning into a podcast so that you have options for how to enjoy them.

Our vlogger Zec Richardson will be hosting alongside disabled guest bloggers, vloggers, influencers, writers, activists and celebrities.

The shows will cover a range of topics that matter to you, from topical news and thorny issues to everyday positive and dilemmas.

We’ve started with a bang, talking about sex and disability in our first video. Click the video below to watch Zec discuss all things sex, body image and disability representation with blogger and our tech guru Caroline Bathurst, campaigner and journalist Dan White and TV personality and presenter Mik Scarlet.

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