Join The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers 

Have you ever considered joining the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC)?

Being part of the panel can be a rewarding experience. Depending upon the research they are commissioned to do, panel members can get involved in mystery shopping, audits of public transport, usability testing (a lot of it is websites, apps and other technology), interviews or focus groups. They also send a lot of surveys to the panel as well. It is varied and the type of project the panel works on changes all the time.

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They do their best to tailor research to their panel members, so they never ask anyone to do something they are uncomfortable with. They also cover panel member’s expenses and try to recognise your contribution through a small payment. They are a charity that is led by disabled people and they are very committed to helping business, government and regulators listen and learn from the experiences of disabled and older people.

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Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

t: 020 7427 2460