Introducing Evenbreak, An Accessible Job Board

Evenbreak is a new jobs website that exists to solve a couple of big problems – here’s what it’s all about by the people at Evenbreak:

Employers told us they struggled to attract disabled candidates.  And disabled candidates told us they couldn’t tell which employers were inclusive. So, we joined the dots and created the UK’s most accessible job board to connect the two.

The employers who advertise on Evenbreak are actively aiming to attract disabled candidates and the registered candidates (somewhere in the region of 33,000 at the time of writing) want to work for inclusive companies.

Why advertise on Evenbreak?

Imagine a pool of talented candidates with the skills you need for your business to succeed.  Now imagine you’re not reaching them because they don’t know you want to attract them.

We commissioned research from Enactus at UCL and 82% of disabled candidates told us their biggest barrier to employment was identifying employers who were truly disability friendly. If you’d like a copy of the research, please contact us.

Disabled candidates bring more to your business than the ability to perform the role you’re recruiting for. They are likely to excel at creativity, determination and will have exceptional problem solving abilities due to their experience of disability.

Still not convinced? Have a look at some common myths and frequently asked questions.

Why register as a candidate on Evenbreak?

All our team are disabled – we have lived experience of the challenges faced by our candidates. We’ve all wondered whether to disclose our condition and most of us have, at some point, decided against applying for ‘our dream job’ because we’re grounded down by the rejection.

We work for candidates with any long-term health condition or disability – be it physical or mental health, sensory or cognitive.

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