Support RNIB’s Tactile Strips Campaign

The RNIB is campaigning to increase the provision of tactile strips on rail station platform edges. This follows the tragic death last year of Cleveland Gervais, who fell onto the rail tracks at Eden Bridge station and was struck by a train.

The Rail Accident Investigation branch made several recommendations following the incident, with one being that a plan is developed to install strips as a priority and timely manner. This is supported by information which shows that that following the installation of tactile surfaces the rates of people falling from platforms reduced by around 65 percent for visually impaired people and around 45 percent for the general population.

A Freedom of Information Request by Greater London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon last year found that over a third of platforms in the region did not have tactile paving, and we know that around the country even main line stations have many non-compliant platforms.

The RNIB petition calls for tactile strips to be installed across the network and stations to be made safe. The petition can be accessed by clicking Petition: Railway stations must be made accessible after report finds blind and partially sighted people ‘at significantly higher safety risk’ – RNIB – See differently.