“Now is the Time” Report Released

The Centre for Social Justice’s Disability Commission’s detailed submission to the National Strategy for Disabled People consultation, Now is the Time, has been released.


This year (2021) will mark 26 years since the Disability Discrimination Act and 11 years since the Equality Act passed into law. Despite this legislative change, progress towards greater equality between disabled and non-disabled people has been erratic and, in some areas, non-existent.

The Conservative Party made a manifesto commitment in the 2019 General Election to develop a disability strategy which, in the words of the Prime Minister, needs to be the “most ambitious and transformative endeavour for disabled people in a generation.”

In anticipation for the publication of the Strategy for Disabled People and to match the sentiment of the Prime Minister, the CSJ Disability Commission has published a report with equally ambitious and transformative recommendations across employment, education, housing, transport, and access to goods and services.

Read Now is the Time Here

Disability Rights UK CEO Kamran Mallick said: “The evidence on the quality of Disabled people’s lives, our life outcomes, and the barriers stopping us from truly thriving is clear. Disabled people have spoken loudly and clearly on this consultation. Government must listen, and be led by those with lived experience. The Strategy must be 100% informed by the evidence gathered and submitted by Disabled people, not dreamed up by well-intentioned Mandarins in Whitehall. We are waiting for a Strategy which truly, radically, changes the national playing field for all Disabled people.”