Have you experienced Charles Bonnet Syndrome?

Halifax Society for the Blind (HSB)are asking, Have you experienced Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)?  CBS is a common condition among people who have lost, or are losing, their sight.  It causes people to see things that aren’t really there – medically known as having a hallucination.  CBS hallucinations are only caused by sight loss and aren’t a sign that you have a mental health problem.  However, they can be distracting or even distressing, and many people ‘suffer in silence’ and may not be understood when they tell others about what they are experiencing.

That’s why HSB have decided to start a group for people experiencing CBS.  This will be a monthly, phone-based group to start with, but hopefully will progress to face-to-face meetings when possible.  The first meeting will be on Wednesday 28th April at 11am.  Sue Straw, one of the Rehabilitation Officers for Calderdale’s VI team, will be joining them for the first session and sharing some information about CBS and coping strategies.  There will also be time to chat and share your own experiences.  They expect the group to last about an hour.

The group can be accessed by dialling 0203 481 5629, then entering the room number 781285 when prompted.  If you need support to access the group, please do get in touch via the HSB office.  They can provide the numbers in an accessible format for you, or in some cases, can dial you into the meeting so all you have to do is pick up the phone when it rings at the group start time.

If you know anyone else who may be interested in this group, please let them know and ask them to contact HSB for more details.

Phone – 01422 352383