Many Disabled People Won’t Stop Shielding

Research by disability charity Scope has found that 75% of Disabled people do not want to stop shielding. Shielding officially ended on 31 March, but many Disabled people have fears that they will not be able to return to safe workplaces, continue to work from home or procure food and medicine supplies safely.

30 million people have now had a first dose of a Covid vaccine, but less than four million have had a second dose, leaving Disabled people fearful they are still vulnerable to catching the virus.

Disability Rights UK’s Head of Policy Fazilet Hadi said: “Shielders need cast iron protections in place – the unequivocable right to work in safe workplaces, to work from home, not just to request it, and to receive benefits if the safety of their work environments cannot be assured. Shielders also need the continuation of food shopping deliveries until the entire population has been fully vaccinated. Priority delivery slots are due to end in June. More Disabled people have died of this virus than any other group, and our safety is not assured until the entire country has been vaccinated with both doses. Less risk is nowhere near no risk. Given our increased risk as a population, the government needs to hear that clinically extremely vulnerable people still need assured protections and adjustments in place.”