Disabled Access To Railway Stations Petition

Here’s a campaign to improve access to train travel for people with disabilities:

For far too long disabled access has been overlooked or briefly looked at but with a “tick box” mentality. I want to campaign to get adequate disabled access both on platforms and the train stations themselves.

As an avid football football fan I have been on countless trains following my team all over the country. Each time I do so I have to look carefully at what stations have wheelchair access due to the fact I have Cerebral Palsy and am confined to a manual wheelchair or electric mobility scooter. It sometimes means I have to change trains to get to where I want to go solely because the station I want to go to does not have lifts or a ramp to allow me to get out of the station to street level.

This is an issue I have felt strongly about for many years. Some train stations cannot be modified due to the fact it has listed building status. I want this to change to allow for acceptable access for wheelchairs at all stations in Britain.

I call upon you who are reading this to sign and share this petition so it gets noticed and can gain as much momentum as possible. Lastly and perhaps most importantly I call on the Government to do the right thing and allow ALL train stations (listed building or not) to be modified.

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