Give Your Feedback on NHS Care & Treatment

Disabled people and their families have suffered more than most during the current pandemic. The regulator for the NHS and care services in England – The Care Quality Commission (CQC) – have set up a webpage where disabled people and their families can provide feedback directly, and anonymously to the CQC to help them plan future services that take the needs of disabled people much more seriously.

Once you have provided your feedback to the CQC why not share this link with other people you may know to do the same. The following are a few examples, you may think of more ways you have been affected over the past year – the CQC has asked to hear about all experiences of the NHS and care services in England:

  • Did your hospital manage to maintain your treatment schedule during lockdown?
  • When you contacted your GP surgery, was the receptionist understanding of your situation?
  • When you received your Covid-19 vaccine, did the people there respond to your needs?
  • Have you been able to get prescriptions easily?
  • What were your feelings about the treatment you or a member of your family received when in hospital?
  • Have you experienced any issues with getting appointments with your physiotherapist?

Any opportunity for the voice of disabled people to be heard is to be welcomed, and we hope that you will report your experiences – both good and bad – on the Tell Us About Your Care webpage.