Be phone aware – avoiding telephone COVID related scams

Unfortunately, despite the pandemic, there are still those who will try to commit fraud. Ofcom have received information from the NHS regarding many different scams relating to Covid-19 that are currently circulating.

Calls are being made and texts are being sent out which claim to be from official sources such as UK Gov and NHS, but are not genuine. Many of you may even have already received such calls or texts.

They have reports from Calderdale residents claiming to have been called by their local GP and Staying Well, enquiring if the person held life insurance.

Please be aware, Staying Well will never call to request such information and they take these allegations very seriously and would like to assure their clients, volunteers and staff that such practice is not one which they condone.

OFCOM has produced in depth information regarding these scams, including images and examples.

Click HERE to be directed to the official OFCOM website

Please do take a few minutes to read and digest this information. It is a very useful guide with important information. It may protect you, as well as your family and friends, from these scams. Please do feel free to share this message with people you know.

As always:

  • If something sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is
  • Take time to make decisions, do not be rushed to answer on the spot. It is not a sign of weakness, instead it shows strength to decide when you are good and ready to answer.
  • Talk things through with people you trust, whether family, friends or keyworkers.
  • Your life, your decisions