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This is “the Professional’s Update”, a newsletter from from Deafblind UK.


Accessible video calls

Did you know that by making just a few simple changes you can help make your video calls more accessible to people with sight and hearing loss?

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What is deafblindness?

Our short video explains more about deafblindness and the range of challenges people with sight and hearing loss face.

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Open Hand

Open Hand is our quarterly magazine which is sent free of charge to all Deafblind UK members in a range of accessible formats. You can also subscribe online to receive an email version of the magazine.

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Join the digi-break challenge!

Show your eyes and ears some love in 2021 by taking a daily screen break. We have lots of great tips and online goodies to download, so sign up today!

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New webinars coming soon! 

We are excited to announce that we will soon be launching a new series of webinars on the topic of “Balancing Loss and Potential – Deafblindness, a whole body experience”.

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We want to ensure that we are transparent with you and you are clear on how we use your data. We have updated our privacy policy to reflect the changes we have made in relation to how we share your data to provide the services you have requested. This includes our new email provider. To read our updated privacy policy click here or to unsubscribe please click below.

We have moved! Our new address is:
National Centre for Deafblindness, 19 Rainbow Court, Paston Ridings, Peterborough PE4 7UP.
Our phone numbers and email addresses have not changed.

Deafblind UK
Tel: 0800 132 320