Report: Disabled people & Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Transport for All (TfA) is a pan-impairment organisation, guided by the passionate belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence. They are the only disability group in the UK to exclusively focus on transport.

Now they’ve done what others have failed to do so. Disabled people have told them of their frustration at being ‘co-opted’ by both sides of the argument around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods without being consulted directly.

In their Pave The Way report – out today – they reveal what disabled people really think about the impact of LTNs on their lives.

They spoke to 84 disabled people about their experiences with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Interviewees came from 19 London boroughs, as well as Newcastle, Manchester, Yorkshire, Woking, Oxford and Edinburgh.

83% said they had been “strongly” impacted by the initiatives, while 72% of participants criticised how changes in their local area were communicated to them.

Alongside the data from their extensive interview process, the report also features spotlight pieces from a selection of expert organisations and individuals from the worlds of transport, environment, and accessibility.

Read the full Pave The Way report now