Vaccination – Latest Information/Advice From Gov’t

Here is a selection of the Government’s latest advice and information on the Covid-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination programme

Selection of Documents relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme.

COVID-19 vaccination: guide for healthcare workers

Information for frontline healthcare workers on COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination: what to expect after vaccination

Information for people who have had their first COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination: why you are being asked to wait

Information about COVID-19 eligibility and vaccine supplies.

COVID-19 vaccination: women of childbearing age, currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Information for all women of childbearing age, those currently pregnant or breastfeeding on coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination: a guide for social care staff

Information for frontline social care workers on COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination: guide for older adults

Information for eligible adults on COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine monitoring reports

COVID-19 vaccination data reports, including weekly counts and denominators.