Is your child feeling stressed, worried or uncertain?

In Calderdale parents and carers have been asking for advice, support and signposting to emotional health and wellbeing support for their children and young people.  In response to that demand Calderdale Council have produced a leaflet (Is your child feeling stressed, worried or uncertain) in partnership with mental health professionals and local parents, to help them support their children and themselves with the feelings of stress, worry and uncertainty in these current circumstances.

Here’s a short version of the leaflet’s content:

Are they…?

• Restless
• Having chest pains
• Getting headaches
• Losing their appetite
• Not sleeping well
• Avoiding situations
• Needing lots of reassurance
• Having panic attacks


• Be positive, talk and listen to your child.
• Don’t dismiss any worries even if they seem unrealistic.
• Remind them that it’s OK to feel however they feel and that ‘this is NOT going to last forever’.
• If they are worried about family members getting coronavirus, reassure them that everyone is trying to keep as safe as possible.
• Explain that when in school they can talk and get support from an adult.
• Encourage your child to get plenty of sleep and limit screen time before bed.
• Make a worry box with your child:
• Do some breathing exercises together:
• If you or your child has any particular needs, worries or concerns that you
want to share with someone, speak to their teacher or another professional.
• You may also feel worried, so remember to seek help and advice if you need it.

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