Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care: Outcome

Yasmeen Akhtar, Service Manager – Adult Social Work, has written to us with the outcomes of the recent Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care, which we shared with our readers a few months ago:

As promised I am now writing to update you on the outcome of the Equitable Charging in Community Care Consultation and the decision reached by Cabinet. This was a proposal for the full removal of the current maximum charge (£400 weekly).

The consultation was undertaken from 24th August 2020 to the 18th October 2020) and again we appreciate all your feedback, which was extremely valuable. This feedback has been considered as part of the decision making process and helped to facilitate and inform the Cabinet decision. As you are aware Local Authorities are having to make some very difficult decisions in the current financial climate.

At Calderdale Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday 7th December 2020, Cabinet decided against the full removal of the maximum charge. However, it did agree that if you currently pay the maximum weekly fee to the Council for homebased care this will increase. This will now increase from the current weekly rate of £400 to £500 weekly. As you can appreciate this is a significant difference from the full removal that was proposed as part of the Consultation.

This email is to specifically update you of the recent Cabinet decision. However, all the individuals impacted by this will firstly, receive the Cabinet Outcome and then secondly, receive the individual Charging letter, based on their individual charge. This letter will confirm any new charges or changes that may affect each individual and hopefully assist to understand and explain the future method of payment and implementation date going forward. The letter will be sent to the named person, their representative and or the person who holds legal powers.

The new charge will be implemented from Monday 18th January 2021. Please can I take this opportunity to add that of the original cohort of individuals this has considerably reduced following Social Work, Financial and health assessment. Those that remain impacted will be monitored and reviewed post implementation and will be advised to contact their Social Worker should their circumstances change.

Alongside the new maximum charge, Cabinet agreed that from April 2021 the rate will be adjusted to account for, the annual fee uplift. For 2021/22 this will represent a further 2.2% which means the maximum charge will be £511.00.  We apologise for the timing of this letter but appreciate that, given the recent decision, individuals wanted to be informed of outcome at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss any concerns, please call the Charging Assessment Team on 01422 393573 – Opening hours Monday – Friday 09.00 – 16.00