Report: Impact of COVID-19 on disabled people

Activity Alliance (previously known as the English Federation of Disability Sport) join members, partners and disabled people to make active lives possible and to challenge perceptions and change the reality of disability, inclusion and sport.

They have published a really important and insightful report titled ‘Impact of COVID-19 on disabled people’. You can find it on their website here:

Key points:

  • Compared to October, at the end of November disabled people were more concerned about the impact on their lives (75%) and had higher levels of anxiety (43%).
  • Activity levels and motivations are at their lowest since the pandemic began – only 17% of disabled people were meeting the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines of 150 minutes per week at the end of October (compared to 28% of non-disabled people).

Highlights from new research:

  • The impact on unpaid carers – only 12% feel they have enough support from social care.
  • Disabled children – many have still not had social care or therapies reinstated, and 25% have yet to fully return to school.
  • The digital divide – 9 million people in the UK struggle to use the internet independently: disabled people are 35% less likely to have essential digital skills.
  • Jobs – by October, 8% of disabled adults had left their job due to concerns about health and risk (this doubled to 16% for 18-34 year-olds).