Citizens Advice: Keeping Calderdale Cosy

Citizens Advice Calderdale is working hard to keep people warm this winter. They are offering the following services:

  • We want clients to create a happier, healthier home with energy saving tips. – We are seeing an average saving of £230 a year if clients follow easy, no cost steps. 
  • Find ways of saving money around the home. – This could be shopping ideas, bank account information, how to sell unwanted items 
  • Find the best energy providers for the household.  – If digitally excluded, clients cannot access cheaper tariff information, and this is especially difficult for non-English speakers. Again, we are averaging savings of £100 plus per year. 
  • Manage energy debts.  – We can discuss, on behalf of the client, the energy bill and how to arrange a manageable payment plan, we can even look for funding to remove some debt, or find fuel vouchers. 
  • Other debts, we have a dedicated debt team, Regulated by FCA, who can help clients manage, and in some cases have debt removed. 
  • Apply for additional energy services. – such as the Priority Service Register, Warm Home Discount 
  • We can also try to find funding for larger home improvements such as insulation. Some properties are in disrepair, in some cases the clients could apply for home improvement loans.  
  •  We can assist some clients whose Landlords do not make necessary improvements. 
  • We can offer full benefit reviews to ensure clients are receiving all necessary benefits, ensuring that clients have not been switched onto UC unnecessarily, we also offer help with Mandatory reconsideration and benefit appeals.