DPC Wheelchair Solution For Disabled Asylum Seeker

A nice “good news” story emerged this week. We were recently asked by a Halifax Social Worker if we could help out one of her clients, Stella, an asylum seeker, who has mobility issues and was struggling to get around.  Her Asylum status was making it difficult to get a wheelchair via traditional means, but Disability Partnership Calderdale have a folding electric wheelchair which we loan and hire out via our partners, AgeUK.

DPC has therefore made a long term loan to Stella of the electric wheelchair and she has a new found independence.

Her social worker recently reported back “Stella is so pleased with the wheelchair she has been able to go out alone in it. This is a massive improvement for Stella as previously she could only go out if someone accompanied her. She has been to Asda and she has a doctors’ appointment today which she is now confident and able to attend herself. She is still getting the hang of the chair but Stella is so happy with it. It has and will continue to improve her life, outlook, confidence and independence.”