Health & Medicine: BMJ News & Articles

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) puts out a weekly digest of its main news and articles from the previous week. It’s a good source of information if you are looking for an overview of current medical debate and opinion – here’s this week’s selection of articles.

  • The democratic, political, and scientific failures of covid-19

  • Democracy was tested this week. The evidence for the health benefits of democracy is well established, but democracies are being eroded or “autocratised.” Presidents and ruling cabals use democracy to gain power and then abuse democracy to retain it…. Kamran Abbasi
  • Sixty seconds on . . . need for recovery

  • You’re not the only medic in search of a breather. A 2019 survey of 4000 British and Irish emergency department doctors found that their median need for recovery (NFR) score was 70—against an average score of between 36 and 44 reported in the literature…. Zosia Kmietowicz
  • Poles march against tighter abortion law

  • A pro-choice protester in Krakow holds a coat hanger as a symbol of the dangers to women of the near total ban on abortions imposed by Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal last month. Alison Shepherd