Safe use of Public Toilets During the Pandemic

As more of us are starting to venture out to various public spaces such as pubs restaurants and shopping centres, It is almost inevitable that we are going to be using public toilets, but how does one stay safe when you are using these facilities during the Coronavirus pandemic? In the following article from the website, Arelle, the continence care specialists explain.

When you consider the amount of people who use public toilets throughout the day and the various regular contact points such as door handles, toilet seats, flushers, tap heads and soap dispensers it is understandable that you may be concerned about the safety of public toilets. Wearing a mask (unless you are exempt) is very important, wearing disposable gloves would also help you to avoid touching any services with your bare hands, but make sure you throw these away as soon as you leave. If you have cleansing wipes or disinfectant spray you can use it to clean surfaces you may need to touch. Using your own toilet cover is a good way of creating a barrier between you and the toilet seat and taking your own toilet paper with you reduces the risks further still. Putting the toilet lid down before flushing prevents any germs from rising from the bowl. Most important of all, wash and dry your hands thoroughly after using the facilities.

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