Prime Minister Reveals New Three-Tier Coronavirus System

In a statement, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has detailed the government’s latest measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, which will be rolled out from Wednesday 14 October.

Here are some of the most significant announcements:

  • The prime minister has said he does not believe another national lockdown would be the “right course” in combating the pandemic
  • Instead a new, three-tiered lockdown system will be rolled out, categorised under medium, high and very high
  • Most areas in England will be put on a medium alert level – meaning current restrictions continue, including the 10pm hospitality curfew
  • But areas which already have local restrictions on household mixing will be automatically put on high alert. Under this category, social mixing will be prohibited indoors and in private gardens, and many businesses will be closed including pubs, gyms and casinos. The Liverpool City Region will become the first area to enter the very high alert level
  • The prime minster has also said that all retail outlets, schools and universities will remain open.