Calderdale Hate Crime Webinar

One of the key events during Hate Crime Awareness Week (click on the button right to find out more about the week) will be a Calderdale Council chaired webinar will run from 11am – 12.30pm on Monday 12 Oct.

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness of what is a Hate Crime/Incident, how to report it, what support people can receive if they are a victim or witness an incident, and how the police and Crown Prosecution Service deal with reports and which ones lead to prosecution.

We will be represented by one of our trustees and there will be a panel of experts, including representatives of the police and local authorities. It promises to be an extremely informative and helpful session!

Webinar Schedule (11am start, Monday 12 October)

  • Introduction. Outline the webinar and ‘launch’ the week.
  • Stories of Hate Incidents
  • What help can I get if I’m a victim / I see an incident
  • How the police deal with the incident, once they receive your report
  • How the Police define what a hate crime is, then what happens once it is reported

Join the webinar:

Questions & Answers
Any questions that viewers think of whilst watching the webinar can be asked at a Q & A session on the Calderdale Council Facebook Page at 7pm Thursday night, 15 October.