Changes To Severe Disability Premium Transitional Payments

From 8 October, there will be a change to the administration of Severe Disability Premium Transitional Payments. The extra monthly payment which eligible people receive will be included in their Universal Credit payment. This means that, instead of receiving two payments to their bank account, they will receive just one. Their Universal Credit statement will show what has been paid, and the extra payment will be shown as ‘transitional protection’ on Universal Credit statements.

Over time, if a person’s Universal Credit entitlement increases then the amount of transitional protection they receive will go down. However, as long as the Universal Credit award does not decrease, the overall level of payment will remain the same.

Claimants do not need to take any action. Claimants will be called individually by the Department to explain what is happening to the payments. In addition, they will each receive a letter informing them of the change.

Written Ministerial Statement