Report: Calderdale Voluntary & Community Sector Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report has been brought together by the VSI Alliance using evidence and insight drawn from across the diverse voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Calderdale.

The Voluntary, Community and Enterprise Sector (VCSE) in Calderdale has responded quickly and effectively to support a range of urgent and emerging needs through the initial period of the Covid-19 pandemic and during lockdown. Much of the work and response has been undertaken amidst ongoing challenges linked to funding pressures and a stark reduction in capacity as many staff and volunteers have had to self isolate/shield or be furloughed.

This report provides insight into how the sector has responded and the impact of this response between the months of April to July 2020. The VCSE response has enabled a range of diverse communities at a time of crisis to be supported by both formal and informal community-based groups and organizations. Much of this response has been set up swiftly due to developing trusted relationships with communities over a long period of time and due to the VCSE being able to adapt services and provision effectively to meet a range of diverse needs which
otherwise may have remained unmet.

The VCSE have worked well together to create locally relevant solutions in partnership with our public sector partners to ensure the communities of Calderdale remained supported and as resilient as possible during the crisis. This report illustrates the ways in which our community response has been delivered; it describes how VCSE action and provision has provided a lifeline to many vulnerable people
within our communities.

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