‘Please give me space’: printable resources for social distancing

Changes put in place to help maintain social distancing, like new queuing systems in shops, have made it harder for many disabled people to navigate previously familiar places. At the same time, we’ve heard about disabled or older people feeling judged in the street by members of the public who haven’t understood why they haven’t been able to follow social distancing rules.

As an optional solution, sight loss charity RNIB has worked with the Cabinet Office to create some printable resources intended to be used by anyone who finds it difficult to socially distance or who is anxious about people getting too close.

The design is a circle with a person in the centre, with two arrows pointing out to either side to indicate space. It has the words ‘Please give me space’ in big, clear, letters so it can be seen from a distance. This expression was chosen because it clearly explains what is needed from other people, without people using it having to disclose their impairments.

You can download the resources from GOV.UK.