Macular Society’s August e-newsletter

This is the Macular Society’s August e-newsletter.

Implant means patients can go six months without injections
A study looking at the effectiveness of a small, refillable eye implant has shown that 98% of patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) were able to go six months between injections.

Injections could halt progression of dry AMD
Clinical trials in the UK, Europe and the US, are investigating whether new drugs injected into the eye could preserve sight in patients with dry AMD.

‘We need to make more people aware of macular disease’
When Nilima was diagnosed with Stargardt in 2018 she remained in denial about her condition. But just two years on she and her husband are raising vital funds for research. Find out what changed.

What is the future for eye clinics after the coronavirus?
Even before the coronavirus crisis ophthalmology services were struggling to keep up with the demand. Now social distancing measures have significantly reduced the number of people who can be seen by hospital eye services. What is being done to beat the backlog and make sure patients are still receiving vital treatment?

‘Exercise has really been what has kept me going’
Have you struggled to stay fit in lockdown?
Terry was a regular gym goer before restrictions meant they had to shut their doors for a few months. But, he has found new ways to keep stay active in his home office.

Virtual Clinic events to bring you closer to the experts
Experts in macular disease will be bringing you the latest information straight from the eye clinic, in a new series of webinars. The Virtual Clinic series will give you the chance to hear up-to-date information from ophthalmologists and leading experts. Register for the webinar

Life has changed for us all, but macular disease hasn’t
We will not stop in our determination to beat macular disease. We want to fund even more research to change the future for children like Matilda.

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