Learning disability support slashed during lockdown

Two thirds of people with learning disabilities had their social care slashed by at least half during the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research by Mencap.

The charity surveyed 1,069 people across the UK about their experiences of caring for someone with a learning disability during lockdown.

Over two-thirds said the needs of those they cared for increased during the pandemic, and just under 80% said they were left with no other options but to increase the amount of care they could personally offer.

Two thirds said their support packages from local authorities (LAs) had been cut to half or less than half the hours they had before Coronavirus.

Disability Rights UK’s Fazilet Hadi said: “Day services, personal support and respite care have al fallen by the wayside during lockdown. It’s appalling that when people need the most help their support is actively reduced. The government consistently used the word ‘vulnerable’ about disabled people during lockdown, and paid strong lip service to protecting those with the greatest needs.

“The body of evidence continues to grow and prove that the reality was the polar opposite – disabled people have been and continue to be actively neglected during the pandemic. That families have been effectively left to fend for themselves in such difficult circumstances is tantamount to systemic abuse.”

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