Disability Horizons – Looking at Diversity & Inclusion

The online disability magazine Disability Horizons has produced this series of articles looking at diversity and inclusion:

Why we need more diversity at the top

Diversity and inclusion are as important today – and often lacking – as they have ever been. The recent Black Lives Matter campaign and annual LGBT Pride month were a reminder that many people from different walks of life still don’t have a voice.

That’s why we’re supporting the Association of Colleges campaign to encourage more diversity within boards of governors, to have people from a range of backgrounds and with different experiences steering education and businesses.

To highlight this need for diversity, we’ve interviewed diversity and inclusion specialist, and governor, Toby Mildon, who has spinal muscular atrophy.

His knowledge and experiences of driving equality within businesses shows exactly why we need more people from all areas of society in governing positions.

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Using the hashtags #diversity and #governance, we’re encouraging everyone to share social media profiles and blogs from people making a stand to promote difference.

The more people follow influencers from all walks of life, giving them a wider platform, the more difference and diversity will become the norm.

Black and disabled influencers everyone should follow

Back in June when the Black Lives Matter campaign was reaching across the world, we highlighted 8 black disabled male and female influencers that we think you should follow. Their voices help to amplify the need for different types of people from a range of backgrounds and to be heard.

Discover the influencers…

Disabled influencers from different minority groups

We’ve started a new series of articles interviewing disabled activists and influencers from different minority groups. In our first article, we spoke to Lina Bettayeb – or ‘Lina the dreamer’, as she is known to her 5,000 Instagram followers – a 22-year-old disabled Muslim influencer living in London.

Read her story…