Calderdale Council’s Updated Coronavirus Advice

Calderdale council have produced some specific advice following the re-introduction of some lockdown restrictions in the are on 30 July. We have reproduced the introduction below – you can read the full advice, including a really helpful FAQ section, on their website.

On 31st July the Government introduced a range of measures in response to increasing numbers of people with coronavirus in parts of Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire. We hope the restrictions will help control the spread of the virus and protect residents of Calderdale and surrounding affected areas.

The new restrictions are not a return to lockdown. We can still do many of the things we have been doing but it is important to limit the spread of the virus by limiting contact between households. If you live in Calderdale you now should not:

  • Meet with people you don’t live with in a private house or garden (unless they are part of your support bubble)
  • Visit someone else’s house or garden even if they live outside affected areas
  • Socialise with people you don’t live with in indoor public spaces (pubs, restaurants, cafes, places of worship, shops, community centres).

Further information is available on the Council’s website