Science & Analysis: BMJ’s weekly round up

The BMJ is a reliable independent source of news and analysis of health issues – here’s their latest weekly round-up of the top items on their website:

  • Covid-19: Acts of omission

  • The UK government is becoming known for acts of omission. No evidence exists of Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum because the government didn’t and won’t look for it. Nor does it seek lessons from an immediate public inquiry to inform… Kamran Abbasi
  • Sixty seconds on . . . outbreak

  • Sadly not, although the film’s introduction feels relevant: “The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” Instead, we are concerned with the use of the word “outbreak.” Abi Rimmer
  • In Belgium “real heroes never sleep”

  • Evi Polak, a Belgian photographer and former emergency department nurse, returned to Antwerp University Hospital to capture life in the emergency department under covid-19. Alison Shepherd
  • Will medical tourism survive covid-19?

  • Malaysia had big plans for its medical tourism industry in 2020—only for the pandemic to hit. Megan Tatum reports on a sector full of profit and promise that is now full of uncertainty. Megan Tatum