Science & Analysis – BMJ Newsletter

Here’s the latest newsletter from the BMJ (British Medical Journal) – it’s insightful, as usual, and offers some more scientific and analytical commentary on the Coronavirus situation and other topical medical and health stories.

  • Moving quickly in pandemics

  • Speed is of the essence in responding to the covid-19 pandemic. But in Leicester lockdown has been reimposed because information was shared too slowly. Local authorities lacked centrally held data to detect a rise in cases and act swiftly. In an editorial… Richard Hurley
  • Sixty seconds on . . . NHS Charities Together

  • You may have heard of it as the organisation that received the £32m (€36m; $40m) raised by Captain Tom Moore. In total, £130m has been raised for NHS Charities Together during the covid-19 pandemic. Abi Rimmer
  • The faces of NHS resilience and courage

  • As an expression of thanks and respect the acclaimed photographer Rankin has created a collection of 12 portraits of health workers to mark the NHS’s 72nd anniversary. Alison Shepherd
  • Covid-19: The inside story of the RECOVERY trial

  • The UK’s flagship covid-19 clinical trial has been hailed worldwide—but some say it is far from perfect. Jacqui Wise and Rebecca Coombes unpick the criticisms that still surround a vital cog in the pandemic response Jacqui Wise, Rebecca Coombes