Crime Advice – “Dob in a Dealer” & More

Just out is the local police’s Crime Prevention newsletter. In this edition they have concentrated on the following areas;

* Drug dealing and ‘Cuckooing’ – looking out for the vulnerable in society.

* Fraud during the easing of Lockdown, what to watch out for.

* Look after those pedal cycles, more bikes sold does not have to mean more bikes stolen.

* Celebrating Neighbourhood Watch Week and the up and coming 35th year anniversary.

Dob in a dealer

We all want our area of residence to be a place where we feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, drug use and supplying of drugs in areas of residence can severely diminish and damage that feeling of safety and security. The supply of drugs is linked heavily with Serious Organised Crime. If the supply of drugs is rife in a particular area, the pitfalls such as gang clashes, violence and Knife Crime can cast a ghastly shadow on its residents.

‘Cuckooing’ is another disease that the supply of drugs is a direct consequence of. ‘Cuckooing’ is when a drug dealer or gang takes over a vulnerable adult’s address for criminal purposes, usually as a site to supply, store or produce drugs from. Gangs will exploit an individual’s vulnerabilities in order to make a profit and avoid police detection.

This is why it is paramount that you report any suspicious activity to West Yorkshire Police via our website –

Alternatively, you can report anonymously to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 or on their website

For more advice and information, visit: