Report Your Cycling and Walking Trouble Spots

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee have created an interactive map to help them understand which areas in our region could be improved to help the public travel more easily by bike or on foot, and to provide more space to travel safely while social distancing.

The interactive map will allow you to highlight issues that you are experiencing when travelling by bike or on foot and to suggest where improvements could be made to make these journeys safer, including increasing space for social distancing.

The map will enable you to drop pins to highlight:

  • particular streets or locations in your neighbourhood where you are experiencing issues that could be overcome with trial or temporary measures to increase space for people to walk or cycle, as well improvements to address accessibility issues
  • where you are facing difficulties on your journeys to work, school or to local shops, and if measures, such as segregated cycle routes, widened pavements around shops or bus stops, could be introduced to make these journeys easier, safer and enable more social distancing
  • the important places you are travelling to, as well as the supporting facilities that might make this journey easier to take by bike, such as places to securely park your bike

To find out more and take part in the engagement please click here to visit the Your Voice page.