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Blind presenter and vlogger on how to build your confidence and career

Lucy Edwards is a 24-year-old vlogger, presenter and journalist with more than 35,000 subscribers on YouTube. She’s spent the last seven years documenting her life and establishing a career as a disabled broadcast journalist. Find out more about Lucy and how you can boost your confidence, share your experiences and make a career for yourself.

Come As You Are: a film that explores disability, friendship and adventure

Come As You Are follows three young disabled men as they flee their overbearing parents and head on a road trip to a brothel. Inspired by a true story, it explores the complex relationship between a disabled person and their parents, as well as the limitations placed on their freedom. Read wheelchair user Kristen Hutchison’s review.

Actor with Down’s Syndrome stars in award-winning crime drama

Tommy Jessop is a 35-year-old British actor with Down’s Syndrome. He stars in Ben Reid’s award-winning crime drama Innocence, which challenges stereotypes in a ground-breaking way, shining a light on the need for a more nuanced representation of disability on screen. Find out more about Tommy and the short film drama.

Face masks: how to ensure you don’t get fined if you’re exempt

New face mask rules in England and Scotland mean that everyone must wear a face covering on public transport. But what if that is difficult for you to do because of a disability or health condition? We explain the new rules around face masks, who is exempt and how our face mask exemption card ensures you don’t get fined.

My experiences of changing attitudes toward disabled parents

Mum of two Caroline, who has Arthrogryposis and uses a wheelchair, talks frankly about her two very different experiences of being a disabled parent, and how attitudes toward disability have changed. Find out more about Caroline’s story and read her helpful advice for others in a similar situation.

PPE: all you need to know and BUY what you need

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to PPE, including what different types are available, what you need to look out for when buying any, and what the Government recommendations are for who wears what. Find out all you need to know by reading our PPE article and visit the Disability Horizons shop to buy PPE.