Science – Top Coronavirus Stories & Analysis of the Week

The New Scientist magazine produces a weekly email round-up of the top science-themed news stories of the week – here’s this week’s selection

Preventing pandemics

We knew how to prevent a pandemic like the coronavirus, so what went wrong? In this special feature, we examine how nations have handled the crisis, where the next global health threat could come from, and what we can do to get ready for next time. Read more

Researchers are estimating what proportion of people have already caught the coronavirus – and it looks like herd immunity is a long way off. Read more

Lancet editor calls for international pandemic inquiry

The UK, China and World Health Organization all made serious coronavirus mistakes, says Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The LancetRead more

How can international travel resume?

Much of the world is starting to open up again but would-be travellers in many countries face a confusing, uncertain and fast-changing situation. Read more